Security Auditing Tool: Lynis


This security tool provides security professionals and Linux users with a powerful tool to measure security efforts. It is easy to use, you don’t even need to install it! – You will need to give it privileges though if you wish to see it’s full potential.

Head over to >> download >> lynis to get the latest free version. You do have the option of upgrading to the enterprise version and there are 3 Plans you can choose from which are monthly subscriptions and are very affordable ($3). There is plenty of documentation available and I highly recommend reading it before you download.

When the audit completes you will be given a score out of /100. You will be provided recommendations for how to harden your security. Logs will also be stored. Get straight to work when you get the results to minimise threats.


Read about Lynis founder

Enterprise solution

One solution for:

  • Continuous auditing
  • Security monitoring
  • Detect intruders
  • Perform compliance testing
  • Find weaknesses
  • Fortify and secure

Feel like hardening your security? Go do it!