Laptop repair | Power ac adapter connection

A fix like this generally takes about half an hour to complete. So lets do it.

–  Soldering iron
–  Solder wire
–  Heat shrink tubing
–  Small screwdriver
–  Blade
–  Glue gun
–  Lighter (for shrinking the tubes)

Here is the culprit.


    1. Remove battery pack
2. Remove RAM
3. Undo screws from underside
4. Clip out keyboard and disconnect
5. Work around the outside of the laptop, separating the fascia from the base – includes touchpad
6. Reveal the guts
7. Disconnect the culprit plug
8. Cut the insulation to reveal the wire, snip it, measure a new length
9. Slide on a new length of heat shrink tubing
10. Solder the wire ends and heat the tubing to shrink, covering both of the newly formed joins.
11. *optional – Use a larger width of shrink tube now, It needs to fit over the plug and wire. Shrink this over the two parts.
12. You should now have a nice strong join. Put it all back together and power it up!

…and fixed.