Virtual Private Network @ Home = Ubuntu + VirtualBox + Untangle + OpenVPN

On the Ubuntu host I installed VirtualBox an mounted the live ISO of untangle 32bit.

In VirtualBox settings for this machine > Network
> Configured first network card (wlan0) as the external
> then a second network device as Internal (Intnet)
> made sure the mac address’s didn’t conflict

> Started up the machine , went through the setup of untangle.
> Next…next…next
> Router setting
> DHCP selected
Basic stuff…

startup > register account > apps > OpenVPN > Install

Some what trickier here > I did not have a setup wizard so I manually searched through tabs and settings.
> ‘Server’ tab, entered a unique site name, enabled server checkbox
> ‘Remote Clients’ tab, add user – name,group etc… ok
> Apply
Close it and on the GUI where openvpn is “rack mounted” hit the on button.
> Head in to settings again, down to remote client, click the download button.
> Download for the OS you will be using for the client (In my case Android)

Run a SSH Server from your android device
Jump in to the console from untangle
SCP the file across to mobile sdcard (file you download for client)
Use app like unrar to unzip folder to sdcard
move all files out of the folder including the keys to root folder of sdcard

Using ‘OpenVPN Connect’ app from android device
settings > import > from sdcard > select *.ovpn file.

You should now be connected, if there are any problems connecting; make sure the .conf .ovpn .crt .key files are accessible within the same level directory.

Head back to the rack in Untangle and you should see a connection session listed > explore it more with in settings.
Discover other apps & have fun with your new VPN.Image